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Adriane Bang headshot

Adriane Bang, LMSW


Adriane is interested in collaborating with others to form a more just and equitable world for all people. She earned both her bachelor and master’s degrees in social work from Boise State and enjoys working at her alma mater.  She provides support for the overall operations of the center, welcomes LGBT and nontraditional students, offers confidential advocacy to campus members who are in crisis, and facilitates workshops on a variety of topics.  Adriane has expertise in providing support to students, staff, and faculty who have experienced stalking, sexual assault, and relationship violence. When she is not on campus, Adriane enjoys baking delicious goods, spending time with her family and playing outdoors.

Adriane uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Adriane at 208-426-4259 or

Kim Camacho, Gender Equity Center, portrait,

Kim Camacho, LMSW

Violence Prevention and Support Coordinator

Kim is passionate about social justice and hopes to facilitate social change for individuals, groups, and larger systems. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Boise State University and is excited to return to the campus as a professional staff member. Kim has experience working with individuals in crisis, connecting individuals to resources, and creating a safe space for individuals to access needed services.

She offers confidential support services to students experiencing crises such as sexual assault or dating violence. She facilitates a variety of workshops for campus community members.

In her free time, Kim enjoys traveling with her family and exploring all of the excellent restaurants Boise has to offer.

Kim uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Kim at (208) 426-5390 or .

Csea Leonard Headshot

Csea Leonard

Program Coordinator

Csea is passionate about education and social justice. She received her undergraduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies with minors in Queer Studies and Business at the University of Oregon. She previously worked in Housing and Residence Life on two different campuses where she gained experience working with a variety of students .

Csea loves to work with students to create educational, thought-provoking, and exciting programs about social justice and intersectionality.

In her free time, Csea likes to spend time with her family, friends, and dog.

Csea uses she/her/hers pronouns

Contact Csea at (208)-426-4259 or

Mallory Armstrong Headshot

Mallory Armstrong

Administrative Assistant II

Mallory studied sociology at the University of San Francisco. During her time as a student, she volunteered at San Quentin State Prison for the San Quentin Alliance for CHANGE, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing recidivism.

She is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and accepting environment on campus, in her community, and beyond. She is also particularly interested in advocating for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault and those affected by gender-based violence and discrimination.

Mallory has a love for traveling, camping, culinary experiences, and live music. She enjoys spending time and making memories with her family and her dog.

Mallory uses she/her pronouns

Contact Mallory at 208-426-4259 or


Pryanka Route headshot

Priyanka Raut

Graduate Assistant

Priyanka is a graduate student at Boise State University majoring in health science with emphasis on policy. She received a bachelor degree in nursing from Nepal in June 2015. She has worked in the field of public health research and crisis management as an RN. As a peer educator, Priyanka is dedicated to educating and creating awareness amongst peers at the university on gender related topics, and preventing violence to ensure a safe and friendly environment. She is passionate about creating change and fostering positive behaviors and attitudes. Priyanka enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking, and reading.

Priyanka uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Priyanka at 208-426-4259 or

McFaddan, Dehra (cropped)_6.22.16

Dehra McFaddan

Peer Educator

Dehra is an undergraduate student at Boise State University majoring in Social Work and Psychology.  She is dedicated to supporting and creating an inclusive community. As a peer educator, Dehra is focused on advocating for equity of the LGBTQ+ community on campus.  She is also interested in advocating for a positive body image, gender equity, healthy relationships, and anti-bullying.  Dehra spends her free time with loved ones, volunteering, hiking, and admiring dogs.

Dehra uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Dehra at 208-426-4259 or

Dane Snow

Dane Snow

Peer Educator

Dane is a Boise State student with a degree in Accounting. He is dedicated to creating new resources for students and building upon existing ones. He has played a significant role in starting student-led projects such as the Steven Nelson Emergency Fund to assist homeless and financially at-risk Boise State students and plans to continue working to advance these projects with the help of students and the Boise community. Dane spends most of his free time at the gym, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Dane uses he/him pronouns

Contact Dane at 208-426-4259 or

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Peer Educator

Kelly Rutherford is an undergraduate student here at Boise State majoring in social work. She is committed to creating an inclusive welcoming environment here on campus and in the Boise community as a whole. She is dedicated to advocating for healthy relationships and against gender based violence. She is committed to educating others about preventing violence and creating a safe campus that fosters personal growth and development for all students free of fear or oppression.
Kelly enjoys hiking, camping, running, and spending time with her friends and family. She loves Boise State and is proud to a part of this Bronco community.

Kelly uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Kelly at (208) 426-4259 or

Samantha Katana

Samantha Katana

Peer Educator

Sam is an undergraduate student at Boise State University majoring in General Business with minors in Spanish and Non-Profit Administration. She aspires to become a director at the American Civil Liberties Union, or another organization that works to ensure equity and human rights. As a peer educator, Sam is focused on emphasizing the importance of intersectionality when considering gender inequities. She is committed in advocating for an inclusive campus at Boise State that welcomes every identity and every student. Sam spends her free time with her family and friends, reading, volunteering, and eating pizza.

Sam uses she/her pronouns.

Contact Sam at (208) 426-4259 or

Cole Shepherd

Cole Shepherd

Peer Educator

Cole is an undergraduate student here at Boise State, pursuing a double major in History and Political Science. He dreams of becoming a human rights commissioner at the United Nations, to try and fight for, and improve conditions for, marginalized communities around the world. Working as an LGBT peer educator, he hopes to help expand understanding and acceptance while educating people about the LGBT community and its importance both locally and in the international sphere. He spends his free time working as an officer of the Boise State University Dungeons & Dragons club, watching films, reading, and talking with friends.

Cole uses he/him pronouns.

Contact Cole at (208) 426-4259 or

Ab Jungen

Ab Jungen

Peer Educator

Ab is an undergraduate student at Boise State majoring in Theater, with a minor in English. Ab wants to someday open a theater that is a space for members of the LGBT+ community to tell their stories. They would like to use their concentration in English to write plays with characters who represent a more diverse collection of identities. As an LGBT+ peer educator, Ab hopes to learn from the community, and to assist in the education of others. They want to help make Boise State, and the larger Boise community a welcoming place for people of all identities. Ab enjoys the ocean, sunny weather, and spending time with dogs.

Ab uses they/them/their pronouns.

Contact Ab at (208) 426-4259 or