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Coming Out

Coming out “is the ongoing process of coming to terms with one’s sexual and/or gender identity or identities. It can describe an internal process, describing the internal decisions to take on a sexual or gender identity. It can be an external process, describing the process of disclosing sexual and gender identity to friends, family, co-workers, etc. It can also be a process we are not aware that we do on a daily basis.”1 Because coming out is a very personal decision, you should only come out when you feel ready and never feel pressure to come out.

In addition to the trainings, workshops, and the free and confidential support services we provide, you can also check out the following resources about coming out or supporting someone who is coming out. We recognize some of the resources are geared towards youth, however the information is largely relevant for all ages.

If you are considering coming out:

If you are an ally:

If you are an educator:

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