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Archives – Women Making History

Why recognize Women Making History?

The following excerpt, taken from the National Women’s History Project Web site explains:

By walking history’s pathways, we learn to step forward with confidence. The legacy of how others shaped society sparks our own longings to contribute. Everyone needs role models–footsteps enough like our own to inspire us.

Often the word “history” connotes images and thoughts of the past, but history is what we live every day. Since 2001 the Boise State Women’s Center has honored Idaho “Women Making History,” extraordinary women leading extraordinary lives. The publication recognizes the work, challenges, and successes of women making a difference in their communities every day. This publication inspires its readers to become involved, engaged, and to make an impact in their communities every day.

This publication was a part of our Women’s History Month celebration for 12 years. By following the links below, you will be able to read about all the women who are changing the history of Idaho. These women were nominated and selected for their admirable work in Idaho communities.

Past Honorees

Read about the Idaho women who have been previously honored.